How to get puppy used to leash

How to Get Puppy Used to Leash

Have you ever wondered why puppies and leashes seem like mismatched dance partners? They whirl in a chaotic flurry of fur, paws, and a seemingly menacing strap. You may even feel as if you’re leading a dance where your partner has never heard the music.

But this dance, my fellow dog enthusiasts, can turn into a beautiful ballet of bonding.

So, how do we get there? Let’s ‘walk’ through the journey of getting your puppy used to a leash.

Understanding the Leash: More Than a Mere Strap

It’s important to remember that a leash is not just a tool for control. It’s an umbilical cord that connects you and your puppy, symbolizing trust, guidance, and mutual exploration.

How to get puppy used to leash
How to get puppy used to leash

It’s about teaching your pup that the world is a fascinating place, best explored side by side with their favorite human.

The Gear: Choosing the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right leash and collar can seem like a labyrinth of choices. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a universe made of straps, snaps, and buckles. But worry not!

  • Opt for a simple, lightweight collar. This isn’t a fashion contest, and your puppy will appreciate the simplicity.
  • Choose a sturdy, flat leash. A retractable one might seem tempting, but let’s save that for the later stages of training.
  • Ensure the collar fits snugly, yet comfortably. Can you slip two fingers between the collar and your pup’s neck? Perfect, you’ve got it right!

First Contact: Familiarity Before Freedom

Introducing your puppy to the collar and leash should be as smooth as a quiet waltz. It’s a subtle dance in a safe, familiar place — your home. Let them inspect these curious contraptions, understand them, and then, gently put the collar on and attach the leash. Remember, no pulling or tugging. This is a dance, not a tug of war.

Indoor Training: From Awkward Steps to Graceful Strides

Turning the indoor space into a mini training arena is a stroke of genius. This controlled environment reduces distractions and stress, allowing your puppy to focus on their fancy new accessories.

  • Start with short, playful sessions. Who said training can’t be fun?
  • Use treats and praises. These are your cheering audience in the training dance.
  • Practice ‘follow me’ games. Make your puppy understand that following the leash leads to great things.

Outdoor Adventures: Dancing on the Big Stage

Once your puppy is strutting comfortably indoors, it’s time for the grand stage – the great outdoors. This transition is a crescendo in your training symphony, a whirlwind of scents, sights, and sounds. But remember, it’s still a dance. Be patient and supportive, and keep initial outings brief and fun.

Challenges on the Dance Floor: Overcoming Common Issues

If your pup turns into a leash-nibbling furball or a stubborn statue, don’t fret. Troubleshooting these roadblocks is part of the dance. Offer distractions from leash biting, like chew toys, and use positive reinforcements to encourage movement if your pup decides to play statue.

Reaching Out: When to Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, the dance may not flow as planned. That’s alright. Every puppy is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. If the hurdles seem too high, reach out to a professional trainer or your vet. They’re your dance instructors, ready to help.


Getting your puppy used to a leash is a dance. It’s a series of steps, sometimes forward, sometimes backward, but always together. With patience, consistency, and a healthy sense of humor, you’ll soon be twirling through parks, neighborhoods, and trails, the envy of every dog-human duo out there.

And remember, the dance never truly ends. As your puppy grows, the rhythm may change, but the bond strengthened by the leash remains. Here’s to many years of shared adventures, explorations, and yes, dances, with your furry friend.

Isn’t it wonderful to think of leash training as not a chore, but a dance?

Dennis & Becca
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